Angry Turds 0.93 APK

Angry Turds 0.93 APK

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Description of Angry Turds is modded game in this mod unlimited money, coins and everything for android Angry Turds this is best android apk game install and enjoy!

STATUS: it’s been two months to write the first version of the game and
an editor. The next month will see lots of levels being baked … lol !-)

Please see (and like) the FB page for a “Turd Interaction Matrix” !-)

Permissions & Privacy (Android 6.0+):
Upon first usage, the app will request you to enable all required permissions. Please do! details app permissions, and why required.

Drag yourself out of the sewer and ascend the chocolate path of enlightenment, to ultimately transcend the physical plane, and evolve to become an eternal, and infinite, Brown God(dess).

You are a Turd, and you can exist in one of four states of matter: Solid, Liquid, Gas, or Poolasma (a super-heated ring). At times, one might not find oneself in one’s preferred state. (Mind them pesky Turdulators).

The different states have different properties, and are vulnerable or immune to the various objects in Turd World. The aim of each level is to collect all of the golden-brown rings and locate, and enter, the exit-hole.

The left button is “Squeeze”, to build up pressure, and release to let it go (thus jump up). And the right button is “Push”, to expel accumulated gases in one sudden explosive blast (forcing movement in the opposite direction from that blast).

Solid can Squeeze and Push, and falls.
Liquid can Squeeze, and falls.
Gas can Push, and rises.
Poolasma moves quantumly, via device tilt.

You can tilt left and right to rotate and roll your turd, when solid or liquid. A solid turd can also roll up and down walls.

And you can also perform a one-finger swipe of the screen to leave a brown skidmark as a temporary platform. SO GET SMEARING !-)

Turd World also contains enemas. Sorry, enemies … maggots. Fartunately, sorry, fortunately, they can be swiftly dispatched with a deftly-aimed parp of chuff. Also known as CH4, or methane.

Thus, squeeze and push yourself onward and upward, and eat all them tasty arse-fruits, to keep your gas level up. Or maybe you prefer a nice swim in the sewer, for a spot of bottom-feeding ?-)

It’s early release (lol), obviously. Please send suggestions to, and please do consider purchasing early: a form of crowd-funding to sponsor the game’s development. Priority will be given to suggestions where the email contains a screenshot of the title without the purchase button !-)

And if anyone wishes to submit designed levels for inclusion in the game (in return for the designer being given credit by their name being mentioned in game), please contact me via the email address below.

Points Scoring:

Enter Exit = 10,000
Fart On A Maggot = 500
Fart On A Mushroom = 250
Collect Ring = 200
Collect Star = 100
Collect Key = 50
Open Door = 50
Remove Wall = 50
Arse Fruit = 10


unlocks actual levels (have started designing them, each will be added when available)
allows map editor’s designed levels to be played
does not attempt to tweet a screenshot at the end of every game

Infinite Thank Yous
0.93 Solid has one Mini-Turd as standard
0.92 mind them pesky Turdulators !-)
0.84 can choose random demo level number
0.45 quick flip up/down to spin 180 degrees
0.24 one-finger swipe to leave skidmarks for temporary platforms
0.23 Turd is now sticky, and can roll up and down walls, and along platforms

App Information of Angry Turds

App Name Angry Turds
Package Name com.alderson.dave.angryturds
Version 0.93
Rating 5.0 ( 1 )
Size 51.6 MB
Requirement Android 4.2+
Updated 2018-04-27
Installs 100+
Category Games, Puzzle