Phantom 6 (Unreleased)  APK

Phantom 6 (Unreleased) APK

Description of Phantom 6 (Unreleased) is modded game in this mod unlimited money, coins and everything for android Phantom 6 (Unreleased) this is best android apk game install and enjoy!

2228. Humanity is on the verge ofextinction.Earth can’t support life anymore. Overpopulation,inequality, totaldepletion of natural resources, starvation… Andthe war iseverywhere! The hope to colonize other planets hasdied.
People have invented special combat robots to fight for life. Itwasthe beginning of the end. Machines combined their resourcesandcreated a unique cybernetic intelligence.
People stayed in the dark. They were fighting for their livesandcontinued global technological development. They began tomodifythemselves, learned to receive electrical signals. Cyborgsandrobots had invaded the planet.
And the Earth could not stand up to it. A massive explosionhadhappened! People went into a deep slumber, the planet wasenvelopedin a dead silence.
Time has passed and those who did not upgrade the body and themindhave woke up. The only chance at salvation is anextra-dimensionaltransfer. Life in parallel universes! Who coulddream of such athing?
Special portals were created – the survivors found the hope.Themost advanced drones were sent to the new worlds to performaresearch.
Almost no one came out with their lives, but YOU SURVIVED! Gettothe portal to the parallel universe, this is youronlychance!
A new game in your mobile is Phantom6. Robots, battles, portals.Whois a friend, and who is the enemy? Future Earth is appalling -it isnow the world of robots. But you can create your own army,whichwill lead you into a parallel world.
Know the new reality, fix the portal, collect all the parts ofthemedallion, and travel to the new universe after defeatingtheportal keeper. But remember, every new stage is a newdimensionwith a completely different environment, quests andenemyrobots.
There are more survivors! Find new friends in this world or addyourFacebook friends – this will increase your chances towin!Participate in the battles of robots, win andreceiverewards.
Remember, the new Phantom6 reality is around! Be careful, do notletrobots conquer your world! Prove that humanity still hasachance!

Main functions:

1) Find your first robot, it will help you to survive!
2) Search for the game currency, get score points, powerupsandparts of robots. Your life is in your hands!
3) Take part in quests! In Phantom6 there are two types ofthem!Find pieces of medallions, open portals to new worlds orartifactsof the past world.
4) Remember, there are six types of robots – fire, air,water,nature, space and underground – each has its own set ofskills andabilities. Create a truly invincible army!
5) Beware of enemy robots! Develop your military strategyandwin!
6) Robots damaged in battles can be quickly regenerated attheCharge Station! Do not miss the opportunity!
7) It is not easy to find a Nomad market because it is always inanew place! Buy and change resources here at a lower price!Visitthe Robotic factory and upgrade your army!
8) Find the portal and travel to an even more challengingandexciting level. Parallel worlds are around us! Just seeit!

App Information of Phantom 6 (Unreleased)

App Name Phantom 6 (Unreleased)
Package Name pl.macrogames.phantomsix
Size 269 MB
Requirement Android 4.3 and up
Updated 2018-03-20
Installs 10 - 50
Category Adventure, Games