pokemon Mystery dungeon Red rescue Team 1.0 APK

pokemon Mystery dungeon Red rescue Team 1.0 APK

Description of pokemon Mystery dungeon Red rescue Team is modded game in this mod unlimited money, coins and everything for android pokemon Mystery dungeon Red rescue Team this is best android apk game install and enjoy!

The player pokemon Mystery dungeon RedrescueTeam wakes up one day finding that they have been transformedintoa pokemon, without any memory of their past.
In a world devastated by many natural disasters — that haveonlybegun to happen quite recently —
the player and a newly made friend join forces and form arescueteam.
The team meets other rescue teams, including a top-rankedrescueteam consisting of Alakazam, Charizard and Tyranitar, namedTeamact.
The team makes enemies unwittingly with another rescue team,TeamMeanies, consisting of Gengar, Ekans, and Medicham,
who seek world domination under the disguise of a rescueteam.
Not far into the storyline, the player is told of a legend aboutaNinetales laying a curse on a human who had deliberatelygrabbedNinetales’s tail.
Ninetales predicted that the human would eventually be reborn asa,and that the natural balance of the world would be upset.
In the quest to discover the player’s lost memory and purpose asapokemon, the team quests to where fortune-tellerXaturesides.
Xatu is quick to realize that the player was once a human, andtellsthat the player’s human-to transformation is tied togetherwith thenatural disasters.
This conversation is eavesdropped upon by Team Meanies’ Gengar,whoreveals the player’s secret to the townsfolk and saysthateliminating the human-turned in the legend would bringeverythingback to normal.
They are then confronted by Alakazam, who says the held atownmeeting on what they must do to save the world: they must findandkill the player,
and anyone who sides with them. As they give the team one nighttoget away,
the two leave Square as fugitives and make their way tothenortheasternmost part of the world in an effort to elude theteamsthat are now hunting them down.
Along the way, they encounter the legendary birds MoltresandArticuno who feel the effects of the disasters in theirrespectiveareas.
They befriend an Absol who seeks to find the true cause ofthenatural disasters. The trio reaches the top of Mt. Freeze onlytobe cornered by Team act.
They get ready to finish the player and partner off, but arestoppedby Ninetales, who reveals that the player is not the humanin thelegend,
but reveals that the world is in greater danger caused bytheawakening of Groudon.
Team act proceeds to try and stop Groudon, while the team headshometo clear all remaining suspicion at Square and Gengar wasblamed forstarting it and their plans foiled again.
After a few days, the player and the partner worry that Team acthasnot come back from their mission to quell Groudon.
Asking to rescue the missing Team act, Lombre refuses to letthemgo, saying there are plenty of tougher pokemon than them.
Shiftry convinces three of the best pokemon, Blastoise,Octillery,and Golem to form a special rescue team and rescue Teamact.
After a few days, the special team returns defeated pokemonMysterydungeon Red rescue Team.

App Information of pokemon Mystery dungeon Red rescue Team

App Name pokemon Mystery dungeon Red rescue Team
Package Name com.pokemonmystery.dungeonredrescueteam
Version 1.0
Rating 3.9 ( 18 )
Size 13.7 MB
Requirement Android 2.3 and up
Updated 2018-03-20
Installs 100 - 500
Category Adventure, Games