Smoke Free, quit smoking now and stop for good  APK

Smoke Free, quit smoking now and stop for good APK

Description of Smoke Free, quit smoking now and stop for good is modded game in this mod unlimited money, coins and everything for android Smoke Free, quit smoking now and stop for good this is best android apk game install and enjoy!

We want to help you stop smoking
★ See how long you’ve been smoke free
★ The money you’ve saved from not smoking
★ The number of cigarettes you’ve not smoked
★ How your health is improving
★ Earn badges for your progress
★ Share your successes with your friends
★ Record your cravings in a diary
★ And more

Helps you through the difficult first month of your quit – andbeyond

This is the app that science built. Proven techniques to help youstop smoking are delivered in a beautifully clear and very humanway. The calculator tells you how much money you’ve saved and howmany cigarettes you’ve not smoked, the calendar tells you how longyou’ve been smoke free and how much life you’ve regained, bars showyou how giving up smoking is improving your health, and a diaryshows how your cravings for cigarettes are decreasing over time.Plus filling it out seems to help, even if you only use it tovent.

Filling it out also helps us, because this is the app that scienceis building. If you give us permission, we’ll use the informationyou give us to learn how to help even more people stop smoking. Asyou know, quitting smoking is hard. But tens of thousands of peopledo it successfully each month. We want to know more about whatworks and what doesn’t and your data can help future quittersquit.

The quit process
Here’s what we know so far. The science is pretty clear thatnicotine replacement therapy helps people stop smoking. But itneeds to be taken as directed (many people don’t complete thecourse) and that means it’s best if you get it from your doctorrather than the pharmacist. But don’t worry if you don’t want touse NRT, this is your quit, you do what works for you. The othergolden rule about giving up smoking is to make your mantra ‘not onemore puff’. Because one puff almost always leads to more and you’resoon back smoking again. It doesn’t seem to matter how muchconfidence you’ve got about quitting and nor does it matter if youplan your quit ahead or quit or the spur of the moment. The socialsupport you get from programs such as Stoptober are helpful butwhat really seems important is getting a real understanding of howmuch progress you’ve made, all the benefits you gain from giving upsmoking and all that you’d have to lose by starting smoking again.Giving you that is the core way this app hopes to keep you smokefree.

Electronic cigarettes
E-cigs seem to help lots of people stop smoking. The ones that looklike cigarettes seem less effective than ones you get fromspecialist vape shops. They also seem pretty safe, much safer thansmoking cigarettes. However, we don’t have much long-term evidenceso it’s probably best to use them as a way to stop smoking, ratherthan a replacement for cigs.

The experiment
We’re running an on-going experiment that tests different things tohelp people give up smoking. Everyone gets all the featuresmentioned above, the calculator that shows how many cigarettesyou’ve not smoked, the calendar that tells you how long you’ve beensmoke free, the bars that show how your health has improved fromgiving up smoking.

Some people will get additional features. We can’t tell you whatthey are, partly because it might invalidate the experiment, partlybecause they change frequently. Don’t feel you’re missing outthough. We don’t know if these things will help people stopsmoking, we just want to learn whether they do. Don’t worry thatthey’ll want to make you smoke more either. We would never tryanything we thought might make people more likely to smoke.

This is all entirely voluntary and you can use the app fullywithout taking part in the experiment. But everyone who does takepart will help the quitters who follow. So do yourself a favor bystopping smoking. And do your fellow smokers a favor by helpingthem understand how it’s done.

App Information of Smoke Free, quit smoking now and stop for good

App Name Smoke Free, quit smoking now and stop for good
Package Name com.portablepixels.smokefree
Rating 4.7 ( 34,480 )
Size 43.3 MB
Requirement Android Varies with device
Updated 2018-02-14
Installs 1,000,000 - 5,000,000