XianXia-Wuxiaworld,fantasy,martial art novels  APK 3.3

XianXia-Wuxiaworld,fantasy,martial art novels APK 3.3

Description of XianXia-Wuxiaworld,fantasy,martial art novels is modded game in this mod unlimited money, coins and everything for android XianXia-Wuxiaworld,fantasy,martial art novels this is best android apk game install and enjoy!

There are 10000+ novels in xianxia app, and it’s going to be more and more.
1.About the apps:It support Offline Reading. We focus on the translation of Chinese WuXia,Wuxiaworld, XianXia, jianghu, wulin, campus, fantasy books and other hot-blooded novels, it contain the websites: Wuxiaworld, Gravitytales, Freelightnovel, Hiwuxia, Novelfull, Anythingnovel,Novelupdates.
2.About content: We now have 10000+ of novels, dominated by hot-blooded and Chinese culture, on various fantasy, Urban romance, WuXia(wuxia fiction, Kung fu novels,Martial arts novels), XianXia, Youth-campus, military, officialdom and so on.
3.About updates: We aim to update with thousands of chapters per day.
4.We have add more and more novels after version 1.5.1, it contain Mature,Harem,Action,Ecchi,Romance,Comedy,Drama,Supernatural and so on.

Please help yourself to experience, you can experience Chinese life phenomena from the novel, the good must be what you want.
Please help yourself to enjoy, you can know more about the ancient Oriental mystery, of which must be a dream for you.

About WuXia:
Wuxia (武侠, IPA: [ù.ɕjǎ]), which literally means “martial heroes”, is a genre of Chinese fiction concerning the adventures of martial artists in ancient China. Although wuxia is traditionally a form of literature, its popularity has caused it to spread to diverse art forms such as Chinese opera, manhua, films, television series and video games. It forms part of popular culture in many Chinese-speaking communities around the world.
The word “wuxia” is a compound composed of the elements wu (literally “martial”, “military”, or “armed”) and xia (literally “honourable”, “chivalrous”, or “hero”). A martial artist who follows the code of xia is often referred to as a xiake (literally “follower of xia”) or youxia (literally “wandering xia”). In some translations, the martial artist is referred to as a “swordsman” or “swordswoman” even though he or she may not necessarily wield a sword.
The heroes in wuxia fiction typically do not serve a lord, wield military power or belong to the aristocratic class. They often originate from the lower social classes of ancient Chinese society. A code of chivalry usually requires wuxia heroes to right and redress wrongs, fight for righteousness, remove oppressors, and bring retribution for past misdeeds. Chinese xia traditions can be compared to martial codes from other cultures such as the Japanese samurai’s bushido tradition.

Magnum opus:GuLong Full series, Jin Yong’s kung-fu novels and so on.
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App Name XianXia-Wuxiaworld,fantasy,martial art novels
Package Name com.jixiang.xianxia
Rating ( 184 )
Size 7.5 MB
Requirement Android 4.0.3+
Installs 5,000+

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