獵水部落 v1.18.1 APK

獵水部落 v1.18.1 APK

Description of 獵水部落 is modded game in this mod unlimited money, coins and everything for android 獵水部落 this is best android apk game install and enjoy!


1. 英雄獲取

2. 英雄培養

3. 英雄轉職

4. 英雄進階

5. 裝備培養

6. 資源的獲取
The game details depict that in an animal-inhabited world, it was damaged by the invader dragon, making the once habitable area polluted, so the animals can only join together to leave this area and go out to find new habitable places. Environment to form new tribes, and to find abundant water resources to survive. Because novice players may not know what to do in the early stage, today Xiaobian will bring you a novice guide to hunting water tribe.

Hero acquisition
The main thing in the game is the cultivation of heroes. Each animal has five professional characteristics, namely warrior, knight, mage, assassin, and ranger. So how do we get the profession of animals? In the game world, players can get advanced calling cards or faction calling cards by completing mainline tasks and completing other activities. Then go to the tavern to draw a card ~ you can extract all unreserved animals and corresponding occupations

Hero training
How to cultivate a hero? Through pushing the victory in the big world scene, players will receive resource rewards such as gold coins, water drops, and hero crystals for hero upgrades and level breakthroughs. The level after the victory will also provide players with daily resource output, every minute output Once resource. So players can do any thing at any time and place, and accumulate the output of on-hook resources in the game. When they go online, they can receive the on-hook income to enhance their heroes!

Hero transfer
What if I meet a level that I can’t beat? You can collect more occupations for animal heroes. After unlocking the occupation, players can transfer animals, such as converting hippo assassins to hippo warriors, so hippo warriors can withstand more damage and firepower in position 1. There are limits to the number of times animals can transfer each day, and they are replenished every day. Use the combination of occupational characteristics and professional skills of animal heroes to form your own favorite or applicable lineup. You can try to match!

Hero advanced
In the game, if the player gets multiple cards with the same animal, the animal hero can also be advanced to improve the quality and strength of the animal hero. This way, even if you get any animal hero card, it is useful. Oh! Higher quality animal heroes will still be bling in battle.

5. Equipment training
Players will also get all kinds of equipment when they hang up, there are four parts: weapons, clothes, hats, shoes. The equipment also brings a lot of attributes to the heroes. The equipment also depends on eating other equipment to increase experience and strengthen the enhancement level of the equipment. In the World Dragon BOSS and Horde BOSS gameplay, many different quality equipment will be produced! So remember to join the tribe before you can fight the tribal boss.

6. Acquisition of resources
In addition to hanging the game to produce resources such as gold coins and water drops, there are many ways to obtain enhanced items, upgrade resources, and summon cards. For example, the trial tower that was opened in the early stages of the game is used to verify your hero’s strength. , The more powerful the hero, the higher the number of trial layers that can be passed, and each layer will get rich resources and diamond rewards after successfully clearing the customs. There are many ways to explore the desert, mystery shops, and arenas, waiting for you to explore!

App ID: com.lieshui.gp.tw

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