聖靈大陸  APK 1.3.0

聖靈大陸 APK 1.3.0

Description of 聖靈大陸 is modded game in this mod unlimited money, coins and everything for android 聖靈大陸 this is best android apk game install and enjoy!



【聖靈相伴 魔使相隨 】
聖靈熱血霸氣,魔使可愛呆萌,有多變的造型等你解鎖,一旦跟隨,誓死不離,讓你的探索不再孤單, 協助你開啟全新征程。
【魔王降生 誓死抵抗】
闖入魔王守護的領地,這是一個危機四伏且黑暗的世界, 集火、搶奪、減傷、暴擊等所有技巧在這裏將得到全部釋放,在特殊狀態下甚至需要利用變身的屬性差異完成絕地反擊。
【跨服PK 公平競爭】
【化身神依 魔力入體】
【甜蜜誓約 派對定制】
【百變搭配 個性時裝】


The Holy Spirit Continent

–game introduction–
      Create super fantasy fantasy world, give you perfect immersive experience, top technology develops full 3D fantasy world, the game focuses on fantasy adventure elements, the screen uses magic and science fiction combined with steam punk style, combining classic MMO gameplay with 3D free perspective , Players transform into magical teenagers, harness magical powers, manipulate elves, explore the mysterious temple ruins, the demon king, catch the cute pets, and team up with other students to go to the battlefield of the brave. “Continent of the Holy Spirit” is definitely worth your look!

——Game Features——
[Companion of the Holy Spirit and Enchantment]
The Holy Spirit is hot and domineering, the devil is cute and adorable, and there are various shapes waiting for you to unlock. Once you follow, you will never die, so that your exploration is no longer alone, and help you start a new journey.
[The birth of the devil]
Break into the domain guarded by the demon king, this is a dangerous and dark world. All skills such as fire, snatch, damage reduction, and crit will be released here. In special conditions, you need to use the difference of the transformed attributes to complete the Jedi counterattack. .
[Cross-Service PK Fair Competition]
Numerical balance and fair matching mechanism, 1V1, 3V3, nVn and other modes, large-scale group-based fingertips fierce battles at the fingertips, community battle team fun, more diverse battles, call friends and friends to play together.
【Incarnation and magical power】
Outstanding special skills and explosive ability, staying abreast, waiting for the opportunity to fight, only seeking a one-shot killing battle mode, God will be the nightmare of all the demon kings; release the powerful skills at the moment of transformation, launch a deadly attack, and instantly reverse Winning games, a must for home travel.
[Sweet vow party customization]
Destined, love at first sight! When you meet your favorite person, go hand in hand with your lovers to the romantic vow hall, walk into the hall of marriage, make a promise of the next life, dance a love waltz, and your friends and relatives will testify to you. Kisses and hugs, romantic interactions add fun to daily life, and exclusive equipment provides a sweet bonus!
[Variety matching personality fashion]
The pinch face system customizes you uniquely, freely matching fashion, weapon, hairstyle and color, cute little skirt, dignified little dress, domineering weapon appearance, an exclusive look every day, wherever you go is the focus.

——Game benefits——
Download and get a free 0 yuan gift, thousands of fans gathered together!
Free VIP online, many privileges upgrade faster!
On the 7th, the super cute alpaca was registered, and the unique mount’s combat power soared!
The investment return is up to 1000%, and the team match is invincible!

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App Information of 聖靈大陸

App Name 聖靈大陸
Package Name com.eyougame.smhxx
Rating ( 3362 )
Installs 50,000+


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