Chinchon 6.18.3 APK

Chinchon 6.18.3 APK

Description of Chinchon is modded game in this mod unlimited money, coins and everything for android Chinchon this is best android apk game install and enjoy!

Play online in real time with other players (2 to 4). Create your own personalized table and invite your friends. Have fun!

Chinchon is a card game played in Spain, Argentina, Colombia, Paraguay, Uruguay, Cape Verde and other countries. In some places they also call it chinchorro. In Basque and Cape Verdean Creole it is known as Txintxon. In Uruguay it is also known as “la conga”. In Peru it is known as “golpeado”. It is a game of the Gin Rummy family, it is played with a Spanish deck. It is usually played with 40 cards using the Ace of Coins as a joker, but it is also possible to play with 48 cards (including eights and nines) or with 50 cards (including 2 jokers).

🏆 Multiplayer game (2 to 4 players)
🏆 Play live against real opponents, no robots
🏆 Free
🏆 Easy
🏆 Portrait and landscape orientation
🏆 User-friendly interface for mobile phones or tablets
🏆 Select the number of coins to play with
🏆 Welcome bonus and daily coins!
🏆 Play quick games
🏆 Weekly ranking
🏆 Private (password) or public tables
🏆 Play against friends or people from all over the world
🏆 Tech support online
🏆 Meet friends and connect with people
🏆 Chat with players or privately with your friends!
🏆 Mute people at the table
🏆 Search filters to find players
🏆 Play anonymously
🏆 Rules in game
🏆 Option to play with Jokers, 8’s and 9’s
🏆 Choose the amount of comebacks you want to play with
🏆 Customize deck, background and animation effects
🏆 Choose the language
🏆 Audio adjustment and double click on/off option

Chinchon is a fun free card game for Facebook and Mobile available for Android and iOS.

The object of the game is to form a “chinchón” (straight of seven cards of the same suit) to win the game. It is also possible to win the game by eliminating the rest of the players by points, getting them to exceed the number of points set.

Card value:
• King: 12 points
• Horse: 11 points
• Jack: 10 points
• The rest of the cards: their value
There will be no more than 2 jokers that can act as any other card in the deck. The Ace of Coins is normally used for this purpose.

The combinations of cards or “links” that can be formed are:
• Straight: three or more consecutive cards of the same suit.
• “Pie” or trio: three or four cards of the same number.
• Chinchon: seven consecutive cards, of the same suit. The player directly wins the game, not being able to use jokers to do so. In case of making an invalid chinchon, 25 points are added.

Each player is dealt 7 cards and one card is placed face up next to the deck. When it’s a player’s turn, they can pick a card from the deck, pick the last face-up card from the pot, or cut; then they must discard the card that suits them best, remaining again with seven cards. In order to close, a player must combine his 4, 5, 6 or 7 cards as long as the sum of the remaining ones is not greater than 5.

Play on your mobile or tablet wherever you are with the Chinchon app from ConectaGames!

In addition to this fun card game, ConectaGames has many multiplayer card games, such as other rummy card games such as Conga, Canasta Hand and Foot, American Canasta, Gin Rummy, Burraco, Buraco, Burako, Tranca (Canastra); various trick games including Truco Argentino, Truco Mineiro & Truco Paulista, Truco Uruguayo, Truco Venezolano; Tute, Tute Cabrero, Spades; Sueca (includes Bisca) and many more for your enjoyment, check them out if you are interested!

App ID: air.conectagames.chinchon

App Information of Chinchon

App Name Chinchon
Package Name air.conectagames.chinchon
Updated Jun 16, 2022
Installs 50K+
Category Apps, Card

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